Susannah Stewart, Registered Physiotherapist

Susannah completed her Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy in Ottawa in 2004. Her career has included dementia and palliative care, management of persistent pain and work in the hospital setting. Susannah’s own pelvic floor problem brought her to a pelvic physiotherapist in Victoria BC, who sparked her interest in learning more. She has since trained in pelvic health with additional study of sexual and birth trauma. Her empathetic and body positive approach puts patients at ease in her presence.

Susannah’s practice is grounded with the latest research in pelvic health and pain sciences, and addresses both the physical and mental aspects of recovery. Susannah weaves over twenty years of yoga practice into her interventions, which include strategies to calm the nervous system.

Susannah is warm and compassionate, and believes in the body’s innate ability to heal. She empowers patients to reclaim their bodies and their lives.

Susannah Stewart’s Hours

Monday through Thursday: 12pm – 6pm

(in person and video consultations)