Susannah Stewart, Registered Physiotherapist

Embodied and empowered.

Susannah believes that sexuality is key to who we are as human beings. No matter our age, ability, gender, or body shape, how we feel and view our bodies impacts our sexual expression; with ourselves and with others.

Issues with bladder, bowel, orgasm, erection or pelvic pain can cause feelings of shame and disconnection from the body. Susannah’s gentle, trauma informed approach creates a safe space to address your concerns.

Problems in the body are often its way of expressing unmet needs. Susannah partners with you to uncover those needs, and to create habits to support your body’s return to its natural state of health and equilibrium.

Using movement, breath, mindfulness and pleasure to heal and reclaim our bodies is part of what Susannah explores with her patients. We have the power to calm our own nervous systems and to reduce pain and tension.

Susannah is deeply inspired by her patients’ ability to take the tools they are given to heal themselves. Seeing people rebuild connection to their body, release layers of shame, and reclaim their sex lives is a beautiful thing!

Susannah completed her Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy in Ottawa in 2004. Her career has included dementia and palliative care, management of persistent pain and work in the hospital setting. Susannah’s own pelvic floor problem brought her to a pelvic physiotherapist in Victoria BC, who sparked her interest in learning more. She has since trained in pelvic health with additional study of sexual and birth trauma. Her empathetic and body positive approach puts patients at ease in her presence.

Susannah Stewart’s Hours

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12pm – 6pm
    (in person and video consultations)