Fertility Optimization Testing

Trying to get pregnant? Surprised at how long it is taking to conceive?

There are a number of factors which can interfere with your optimal fertility. Let a Naturopathic Doctor help to determine what could be challenging your ability to conceive.

Fertility Optimization Package

  • A 90 minute initial assessment with a Naturopathic Doctor (value of $195)
  • Expanded Female Hormone testing (salivary) (value of $445.50)
  • IgG and IgA Food Allergy testing (value of $396.90)
  • Urinary Toxic Element profile (value of $115)
  • One 45 minute follow up visit with your Naturopathic Doctor to review the findings of all tests (value of $112.50)*1

Cost: $1100 (Savings of $164.90)*

* Please note this package does not include any follow up visits after the review of findings. All subsequent appointments are an additional cost. No refund will be provided, in part or in full.
1 Once the tests have been ordered, the results will not be released until the scheduled appointment.