Diagnosis & Evaluation

Diagnosis and evaluation is based on medical reports derived from the analysis of blood, urine, saliva, hair, respiratory function and other samples, as well as a review of X-rays and laboratory procedures. Patients will undergo a thorough physical exam and fill in a detailed questionnaire outlining their personal history.

At the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre there are many tests which we offer our patients to help us better understand and diagnose our patients’ condition. Below are some of the more standard or progressive tests that we order onsite, which we may or may not recommend our patients have done. For further information on the tests that we offer, including pricing and reasons for which we may recommend tests, please contact us at your convenience.

Gamma Dynacare

Lipid and Cholesterol Panel
Liver Panel
Kidney Panel
Iron Panel
Thyroid Panel
CA-125 (ovary screen)
CA-15-3 (breast screen)
CA 19-9
Female Hormone Panel
Celiac test
Omega 3 fatty acid

US Biotek

Candida Antibodies and Antigen Testing – An ELISA analysis that determines whether or not candida (yeast) is a potential problem

Food and Environmental IgG & IgE Testing – An ELISA analysis to determine IgG and IgE antibody levels for specific food and environmental allergens

Urinary Metabolic Profile – A test use to determine levels of organic acids in the urine which provide information about detoxification, dysbiosis, kidney & liver health

Environmental Pollutants Panel – A urinary test used to determine levels of environmental determinants and their breakdown products

Genova Labs

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (with or without parasitology)
Candida Culture
Intestinal Permeability Assessment
Lactose Intolerance
Celiac Profile
Anti-Chemical Antibodies
Amino Acid Analysis
Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis
Hair Mineral Analysis
Hair Toxic Element Profile
Blood Elemental Analysis
Female Hormone Assessment
Bone Resorption Assessment
Menopause Profile
Male Hormone Profile
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Profile
Comprehensive Detoxification Profile
Cellular Energy Profile

ZRT Labs

Various Salivary Hormone Panels
Blood Spot Testing

Lab DiagnosTechs

Salivary Hormone Testing

Medical Thermography

Digital Breast Screening

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