Paulette Hébert, BPhEd, M.A. (Sports Studies), RCRT Certified Reflexology Therapist

Feet & Hand Reflexology, Head Massage (Kansha Technique includes head/face/ears/shoulders/arms/hands)

Discovering Reflexology in the 1990s as an athlete and fitness instructor, Paulette became an advocate of this therapy from the onset and recently reaped its many benefits during her own cancer treatments and recovery.

Certified under the auspices of the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC), Paulette assertively encourages all persons to include Reflexology into their wellness lifestyle routine, fitness regime or recovery plan.  This holistic, natural and non-evasive therapy involves the application of pressure on various reflexes points of your feet, hands, ears or face and will support and boost the body’s efforts to function optimally and to heal itself especially following stress and fatigue, illness, surgery, injury or disease.

As well as Feet and Hand Reflexology Paulette is also certified in Head Massage – Kansha Technique.  Some clients request a combination of both therapies which Paulette will gladly adapt for each person’s needs and preferences.

In relation to the OIHC, Paulette is targeting client groups who require physical and mental stamina for their work. In the same she also extends her services to sport clubs and athletes from all sports.

Involved with perinatal health and fitness for many years, Paulette is committed to Maternity and Fertility Reflexology as it has been proven to be effective in all pre and postnatal phases.

Paulette’sservices for all client groups are also available at the Ottawa Birthing and Wellness Centre in conjunction with the OIHC.

As more people are looking for natural and non-evasive approaches to wellness, it is worthy to consider incorporating Reflexology therapy as a means of maximising rest and recovery from life stresses as well as occasional injury.

Paulette Hébert’s Schedule:

At the OIHC – Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm – 7pm
At the OBWC – Wednesdays and Fridays 9am – 3pm