Jo-Ann D’Alfonso – Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Holistic Health Coach

Jo-Ann D’Alfonso C-IAYT is a certified Yoga Therapist registered with the International Association for Yoga Therapist (IAYT). Yoga Therapy is a modern coinage of Western Medicine with Yogic philosophy and teachings of Yoga. It can help with variety of dis-ease such as PTSD, ADHD, anxiety/depression & mood balancing, fibromyalgia and pain management, HBP, COPP & Asthma, physical strength and flexibility,  and so many more.

Jo-Ann’s sensitive approach is rooted in deep respect for the intelligence of the body-mind connection and the human capacity for inner guidance. Jo-Ann brings to all of her work an energetic and uplifting style, personal conviction, passion, and easy way of communicating with students and clients. She moved back to Ottawa in 2011. She continues her practice now in Ottawa/Gatineau Region. As Yoga Educator/Therapist and Yoga Coach, Jo-Ann D’Alfonso has been a leader in the wellness and lifestyle sectors for over 30 years. She strongly believes in community spirit and volunteers at different organizations and events.

Jo-Ann is certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Nosara Yoga Institute Educator with more than 20 years of yoga practice. IN addition she is Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Her extensive training in the field of yoga includes and not limited to:

  • CIPP certified in Positive Psychology with the WholeBeing Institute
  • Nosara Yoga Educator/Therapist Training for Master Certification
  • Integrative health therapy with Heaven Institute
  • LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner Training for Depression and Anxiety
  • Self-Awakening Yoga (mind body energetic practice)
  • Pranassage (energetic bodywork)
  • Postural analysis and structural alignment
  • Pranayama (advanced) breathing practices
  • Yoga Lifestyle Coaching based on the 8 limbs of yoga from Patanjali

Some of Jo-Ann’s services may be covered for insurance benefits. She is registered with the AQTN. Please ask directly or visit

Jo-Ann’s Schedule:

Tuesdays 9:30am – 2pm
Thursdays 11am – 6pm
Saturdays  11am – 2pm (varies, check with front desk)