Arianne Gosselin, Osteopathic Manual Therapist – M.OMSc

Arianne Completed a four year Master of Practice in Osteopathic Manual Sciences (M.OMSc) at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in 2019.

Before completing her Masters, Arianne obtained a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (BSc.HK) from the University of Ottawa.

Arianne believes the body is a vital, living machine, which already possesses everything it needs to self-heal. Her experience and training have shown her that, when the body is structurally sound, this ability is present and occurring without conscious thought. However, this self-healing ability is hindered when the body’s physical structure becomes impaired.

Arianne practices a classical form of osteopathy using the principles established by the founder of the profession, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. After completing a thorough assessment, Arianne will use a variety of gentle manual techniques to restore motion where motion is lost. The result is a body that is capable of healing itself because the structure (anatomy) has been restored, which in turn effects the way the body functions.

Arianne Schedule:

Tuesdays 11am – 7pm
Fridays 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturdays 9am – 12pm