Cathy Cochrane, NNCP

Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

In her mission to teach women how to listen to their body as a necessary tool in self-care and healing, Cathy is just as curious about your relationship to food & eating as she is about the actual food you put in your mouth. Her intention is to move you from reacting to symptoms and flare-ups as they happen, to preventing their recurrence, to understanding the choices that will open you to what’s possible for your health in the long run.

Always starting with digestive function as the root to healing the body, she guides her clients to nourish themselves in a way that both alleviates the symptoms of digestive distress, menstrual & menopausal discomfort, anxiety, allergies/sensitivities, joint pain, skin issues,… (all the things that rear their head in the aftermath of life’s inevitable upheavals) and improves energy, sleep and vitality. She also gently supports women at a loss in the overwhelming prospect of eliminating gluten, dairy or other foods from their diet.

Along with the practical advice she offers for better eating habits and food choices, Cathy sheds light how what happens in your body and what happens in your life are intertwined. She then helps you nurture those seeds of discovery to improve your health from the inside out. Women these days work pretty darn hard to keep it together on the outside – career, family, navigating life’s ups & downs – with the result that your own care & feeding end up at the bottom of the list. This, despite the fact that you feel like your body is on a downhill slide, especially in the wake of the big transitions: divorce, career-change, moving, illness, motherhood, loss.

Cathy offers help to the woman who knows it’s time to tend her own garden, as it were, though wants to explore the sneaking suspicion that there’s more to feeling good than eating greens and getting to the gym. Beyond the boundaries of food rules, she holds a safe space for a woman to learn how to stop fighting herself and grow to being at home in her body (and her clothes!).

Cathy has been teaching women about better eating habits and nourishment since 2007. She earned a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition from NHC Institute in Montreal, where she later taught nutrition and a course on maintaining health through the lifecycles to aspiring naturopaths. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and approach to small groups – she has given talks at Running Room, parent and networking groups about the keys to feeding yourself body, mind and soul while dealing with the stress of running a family, running a business, …or just running. She is always open to more such opportunities.

A proponent of healer heal thyself, Cathy pursues the path of her own healing journey and love of learning. Her investigations translate to a deeper understanding of nutrition, other modalities such as herbs, homeopathy and flower essences, and the benefits of such daily practices as meditation and journaling.

She moved to Ottawa with her husband and youngest son in 2016 where she delights in all the nature to be found in and around the city.

Learn more about Cathy and her blend of physiology and soul on her website: Whole Health Services


Cathy’s Schedule:

Mondays 9:30am – 2:30pm
Thursdays 12pm – 3pm